Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Deploy Silverlight XAP file to a Document Library

Okay, so you have developed your silverlight application in SharePoint and you now want to deploy it. So you take your XAP file add it your document library and then reference it from your Silverlight Web Part right? Seems kind of like a long process, if you also had to deploy a whole bunch of web part with.

So we can make it simple by deploying our XAP with the rest of the web parts, lists, etc. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and your XAP file will be deployed to your site with the rest of your customisations.

Step 1
Add a new module to your solution

Step 2

Right Click on the module you have just added and select properties.
Look for "Project Output References" click on the elipsis and click add.
Set the deployment type to a "ElementFile" and select your project name

Click ok and you should notice your Elements.xml has been modified to something like the following:

You can now proceed to change it to look like the below:


Happy coding guys I hope this helps make your deployment alot simpler.

Inserting SharePoint List item using Silverlight Object Model

If you finally came over to the dark side and embraced Silverlight in SharePoint you should familarize yourself with the Client API for Silverlight, I have mentioned in a previous post how to reference these assemblies.

If you want to be more adventourous and insert list items using the Client API you can use the following code:
ClientContext context = ClientContext.Current;

List oList = context.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("HelloWorldList");

ListItemCreationInformation itemCreateInfo = new ListItemCreationInformation();
ListItem oListItem = oList.AddItem(itemCreateInfo);
oListItem["Title"] = "Hello World";

context.Load(oList, list => list.Title);
context.ExecuteQueryAsync(OnSuccess, OnFailed);
The above method is done assyncrously so you will have a call back which means if the insert is success code sample A if it is unsuccessful run code sample B, see below:
private void onSuccess(object sender, ClientRequestSucceededEventArgs args)
   Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
 private void onFailed(object sender, ClientRequestFailedEventArgsargs)
   Deployment.Current.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(() =>
As you know these operations are done assyncronously so simply put we have to get the attention of the UI thread to perform our success or failure action.
Happy coding :-)

Getting started with SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Client Object Model

Getting started with SharePoint 2010 Silverlight Client Object Model -

When you want to use the Silverlight Object Model the first thing we are going to is add a reference to silverlight assemblies:
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.dll
  • Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Silverlight.Runtime.dll
These assemblies can be found at the following location :
  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\ClientBin
Then in your code just reference the assembly and you should be good to go as shown below:
  • using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client; 
    So happy coding guys, hope you enjoy the Silverlight Client Object Model

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Create custom list using Content Type and Schema.xml file

    Creating a schema for a custom SharePoint list has always been something I think which could be much improved upon, as it is always something that may cause you to pull out your own teeth.

    In my experience the easiest way to do this is to replace the  ContentType tags with the following:


    Then it's as simple as adding your fields within the field tags of your schema.xml file, see below:

    You can always use the GUID generator that comes with Visual Studio to generate new GUID's for your different fields.

    Once complete, if you wish for your fields to be displayed in your view, add them to your ViewFields tags, (ViewFields tags can be found within the Views, View tag of your schema.xml file) as shown below:

    You have now successfully created a working schema.xml file, hope this helps in stopping you from tearing your hair out.

    How to access Init Parameters for SharePoint Silverlight Web Part

    Custom initialisation parameters are accessible from within the silverlight web part, these values, are values passed from the Sharepoint Silverlight web part into the Silverlight application.

    These values are passed in the form of a Dictionairy object and they are passed as follows:

    These values can be accessed by using the following code:

    private void Application_Startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)
     string value = e.InitParams["Key"];
    Please let me know if this post has helped you, and if you have any improvements or comments please feel free to post them.

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011

    WCF Annonymous access is required for the IIS application that host this service.

    When developing WCF web services for SharePoint you may sometimes run into the following problem.

    Security settings for this service require 'Anonymous' Authentication but it is not enabled for the IIS application that hosts this service.

    Trust me, you will knock your head trying to solve this one. The solution is pretty simple though. In your web.config file modify your the bindings section with the following:

    If you SharePoint application is using Kerberos authentication please change the mode to Windows.

    This solution worked for me, hope that it will work for you.

    Till next

    Debuging Silverlight WebPart in SharePoint 2010

    Debuging a silverlight web created and used in SharePoint 2010 can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out. I literally knocked my head against the wall a few times trying to get debugging to work. It's pretty simple though, all you need to do is select your project properties, click the sharepoint tab, and enable silverlight debugger.

    For more information please refer to it is a great resource and helped me to debug my silverlight application.

    Until next time, hope this post has helped you as it certainly helped me.

    Tuesday, August 16, 2011

    Sharepoint and WSS versions

    If ever you need to find out which CU updates are installed you can check them by checking your version number which will tell you which CU updates or service packs are installed.

    Please refer to Sharepoint versions numbers.html for all version numbers about WSS and SharePoint this is a great resource.

    Resources used :

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    WCF Service - Could not find a base address that matches schema http

    Could not find a base address that matches scheme http for the endpoint with binding BasicHttpBinding. Registered base address schemes are []..

    This is probably the most painfull error that I have ever experienced. After trying many fixes and googling for hours.

    Problem : I only got this error when the web service was deployed to a Sharepoint web application that did not use a DNS entry to access the site. (Web service deployed to the ISAPI folder)

    Fix : The solution which helped me was to remove the Base Address tags from my web.config file and my service worked. See below:

    When I removed the above tags I no longer had problems accessing my webservice from my SharePoint site.

    How to associate a workflow to a list programatically

    Associating workflows to lists are pretty simple.

    You will need the following:

    Task List - Out of the box list
    WorkFlowHistory List - Out of the box list
    Workflow List - Workflow associate to this list

    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;

    SPList taskList;
    SPList workflowHistoryList;
    SPList indexItemList = web.Lists[Constants.IndexItemList];

    taskList = web.Lists[Constants.WFTasks];
    taskList = web.Lists[web.Lists.Add(Constants.WFTasks, Constants.WFTasks, SPListTemplateType.Tasks)];

    workflowHistoryList = web.Lists[Constants.WFHistory];
    workflowHistoryList = web.Lists[web.Lists.Add(Constants.WFHistory, Constants.WFHistory, SPListTemplateType.WorkflowHistory)];

    SPWorkflowTemplate template = web.WorkflowTemplates.GetTemplateByBaseID(new Guid(Constants.workFlowTemplateId));

    SPWorkflowAssociation association = SPWorkflowAssociation.CreateListAssociation(template, template.Name, taskList, workflowHistoryList);
    association.AllowManual = true;
    association.AutoStartChange = true;
    association.AutoStartCreate = true;


    web.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;

    Workflow start properties may vary, please change as you see fit.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Changing return URL for SharePoint Forms

    By default, when users fill out a SharePoint form, they are navigated back to the "All Items" page after pressing OK. You can easily change this behavior by altering what is in the “source=http://…” part of the URL "query string" on the form page.

    Example: Let's add a link to the Announcements “New Item” form on the home page, so that it returns the user back to the home page after they press ok.

    Step 1) Add the following URL to the home page:

    That’s it! :) Once the user presses OK, the form will read the “source=” part of the URL and navigate the user back to that page.

    Features and their GUID’s in SP2010

    Sick of trying to figure out the ID of a particular out of the box feature, all you need to do is download the excel spreadsheet I have created and you will have the ID for each and every out of the box feature in SharePoint.

    Title ID Scope
    $Resources:AccsrvWss 1cc4b32c-299b-41aa-9770-67715ea05f25 Farm
    Access Services System Objects 29ea7495-fca1-4dc6-8ac1-500c247a036e Web
    Access Services Restricted List Definition a4d4ee2c-a6cb-4191-ab0a-21bb5bde92fb Web
    $Resources:AccsrvWss bcf89eb7-bca1-4468-bdb4-ca27f61a2292 Web
    $Resources:AccsrvWss 744b5fd3-3b09-4da6-9bd1-de18315b045d Site
    $Resources:AccsrvWss d5ff2d2c-8571-4c3c-87bc-779111979811 Farm
    $Resources:AccsrvWss 1a8251a0-47ab-453d-95d4-07d7ca4f8166 Web
    Access Services User Application Log 28101b19-b896-44f4-9264-db028f307a62 Web
    Add Dashboard d250636f-0a26-4019-8425-a5232d592c09 Web
    Central Administration Links fead7313-ae6d-45dd-8260-13b563cb4c71 Web
    Administrative Reporting Infrastructure b8f36433-367d-49f3-ae11-f7d76b51d251 Site
    Administrative Reporting Core Pushdown Feature 55312854-855b-4088-b09d-c5efe0fbf9d2 Farm
    Announcements Lists 00bfea71-d1ce-42de-9c63-a44004ce0104 Web
    Asset Library 4bcccd62-dcaf-46dc-a7d4-e38277ef33f4 Site
    SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection features b21b090c-c796-4b0f-ac0f-7ef1659c20ae Site
    Base Site Features Stapling 97a2485f-ef4b-401f-9167-fa4fe177c6f6 Farm
    SharePoint Server Standard Site features 99fe402e-89a0-45aa-9163-85342e865dc8 Web
    SharePoint Server Standard Web application features 4f56f9fa-51a0-420c-b707-63ecbb494db1 WebApplication
    Basic Web Parts 00bfea71-1c5e-4a24-b310-ba51c3eb7a57 Site
    Document Center Enhancements 3f59333f-4ce1-406d-8a97-9ecb0ff0337f Web
    Dashboards Library f979e4dc-1852-4f26-ab92-d1b2a190afc9 Web
    DataConnections Library for PerformancePoint 26676156-91a0-49f7-87aa-37b1d5f0c4d0 Web
    Business Intelligence center sample data 3992d4ab-fa9e-4791-9158-5ee32178e88a Web
    SharePoint Portal Server Business Appications Content Type Definition 43f41342-1a37-4372-8ca0-b44d881e4434 Site
    SPS Biz Apps Field Definition 5a979115-6b71-45a5-9881-cdc872051a69 Site
    SharePoint Portal Server Status Indicator List template 065c78be-5231-477e-a972-14177cc5b3c7 Web
    BizApps Site Templates 4248e21f-a816-4c88-8cab-79d82201da7b Site
    Bulk workflow process button aeef8777-70c0-429f-8a13-f12db47a6d47 Farm
    Bulk Workflow Timer Job d992aeca-3802-483a-ab40-6c9376300b61 WebApplication
    Phone Call Memo List 239650e3-ee0b-44a0-a22a-48292402b8d8 Web
    Circulation List a568770a-50ba-4052-ab48-37d8029b3f47 Web
    Contacts Lists 00bfea71-7e6d-4186-9ba8-c047ac750105 Web
    Standard User Interface Items 0f121a23-c6bc-400f-87e4-e6bbddf6916d Farm
    Content Type Syndication Hub 9a447926-5937-44cb-857a-d3829301c73b Site
    Content type publishing dd903064-c9d8-4718-b4e7-8ab9bd039fff Web
    Standard Content Type Settings Links fead7313-4b9e-4632-80a2-ff00a2d83297 Farm
    Content type syndication 34339dc9-dec4-4256-b44a-b30ff2991a64 WebApplication
    Standard Content Type Definitions 695b6570-a48b-4a8e-8ea5-26ea7fc1d162 Site
    Custom Lists 00bfea71-de22-43b2-a848-c05709900100 Web
    Data Connections Feature 00bfea71-dbd7-4f72-b8cb-da7ac0440130 Web
    Data Connection Library cdfa39c6-6413-4508-bccf-bf30368472b3 Farm
    Data Source Libraries 00bfea71-f381-423d-b9d1-da7a54c50110 Web
    Content Deployment ca2543e6-29a1-40c1-bba9-bd8510a4c17b Web
    Discussion Lists 00bfea71-6a49-43fa-b535-d15c05500108 Web
    DM Content Type Setting Links 1ec2c859-e9cb-4d79-9b2b-ea8df09ede22 Farm
    Document ID Service b50e3104-6812-424f-a011-cc90e6327318 Site
    Document Libraries 00bfea71-e717-4e80-aa17-d0c71b360101 Web
    Document Sets metadata synchronization 3a4ce811-6fe0-4e97-a6ae-675470282cf2 WebApplication
    Content Organizer 7ad5272a-2694-4349-953e-ea5ef290e97c Web
    Document Routing Resources 0c8a9a47-22a9-4798-82f1-00e62a96006e Site
    Document Sets 3bae86a2-776d-499d-9db8-fa4cdc7884f8 Site Entry Points from SharePoint a140a1ac-e757-465d-94d4-2ca25ab2c662 Farm
    E-mail Integration with Content Organizer d44a1358-e800-47e8-8180-adf2d0f77543 Web
    Enhanced Html Editing 81ebc0d6-8fb2-4e3f-b2f8-062640037398 Farm
    Enhanced Theming 068bc832-4951-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66 Site
    Enterprise Wiki 76d688ad-c16e-4cec-9b71-7b7f0d79b9cd Web
    Enterprise Wiki Layouts a942a218-fa43-4d11-9d85-c01e3e3a37cb Site
    Events Lists 00bfea71-ec85-4903-972d-ebe475780106 Web
    Excel Services Farm Feature e4e6a041-bc5b-45cb-beab-885a27079f74 Farm
    Excel Services Site Feature 3cb475e7-4e87-45eb-a1f3-db96ad7cf313 Site
    e15ed6d2-4af1-4361-89d3-2acf8cd485de WebApplication
    Excel Services Site Feature 4c42ab64-55af-4c7c-986a-ac216a6e0c0e Site
    Excel Services Farm Feature c6ac73de-1936-47a4-bdff-19a6fc3ba490 Farm
    Disposition Approval Workflow c85e5759-f323-4efb-b548-443d2216efb5 Site
    External Lists 00bfea71-9549-43f8-b978-e47e54a10600 Web
    Resources List 58160a6b-4396-4d6e-867c-65381fb5fbc9 Web
    FAST Search for SharePoint Master Job Provisioning d2d98dc8-c7e9-46ec-80a5-b38f039c16be Farm
    Manage Resources 08386d3d-7cc0-486b-a730-3b4cfe1b5509 Web
    Feature Pushdown Links 0125140f-7123-4657-b70a-db9aa1f209e5 Farm
    Standard Column Definitions ca7bd552-10b1-4563-85b9-5ed1d39c962a Site
    Gantt Chart Tasks Lists 00bfea71-513d-4ca0-96c2-6a47775c0119 Web
    Group Work Provisioning 6e8a2add-ed09-4592-978e-8fa71e6f117c Web
    GroupBoardWebParts 3d25bd73-7cd4-4425-b8fb-8899977f73de Web
    Global Web Parts 319d8f70-eb3a-4b44-9c79-2087a87799d6 Farm
    Grid Lists 00bfea71-3a1d-41d3-a0ee-651d11570120 Web
    Group Work Lists 9c03e124-eef7-4dc6-b5eb-86ccd207cb87 Web
    Help 071de60d-4b02-4076-b001-b456e93146fe Site
    Hold and eDiscovery 9e56487c-795a-4077-9425-54a1ecb84282 Web
    Holidays List 9ad4c2d4-443b-4a94-8534-49a23f20ba3c Web
    Microsoft IME Dictionary List 1c6a572c-1b58-49ab-b5db-75caf50692e6 Web
    In Place Records Management da2e115b-07e4-49d9-bb2c-35e93bb9fca9 Site
    Admin Links for InfoPath Forms Services. a10b6aa4-135d-4598-88d1-8d4ff5691d13 Farm
    Admin Links for InfoPath Forms Services. 750b8e49-5213-4816-9fa2-082900c0201a Web
    InfoPath Forms Services support c88c4ff1-dbf5-4649-ad9f-c6c426ebcbf5 Site
    InfoPath Forms Services Tenant Administration 15845762-4ec4-4606-8993-1c0512a98680 Web
    InfoPath Forms Services Web Service Proxy Administration 3c577815-7658-4d4f-a347-cfbb370700a7 Web
    InfoPath Forms Services support a0e5a010-1329-49d4-9e09-f280cdbed37d Web
    Issues Lists 00bfea71-5932-4f9c-ad71-1557e5751100 Web
    Three-state workflow fde5d850-671e-4143-950a-87b473922dc7 Site
    Document Libraries 6e53dd27-98f2-4ae5-85a0-e9a8ef4aa6df Web
    SharePoint 2007 Workflows c845ed8d-9ce5-448c-bd3e-ea71350ce45b Site
    Links Lists 00bfea71-2062-426c-90bf-714c59600103 Web
    List Content Targeting fc33ba3b-7919-4d7e-b791-c6aeccf8f851 Farm
    SharePoint Portal Server Local Site Directory Capture Control 14aafd3a-fcb9-4bb7-9ad7-d8e36b663bbd Site
    Local Site Directory MetaData Capture Feature 8f15b342-80b1-4508-8641-0751e2b55ca6 Web
    Site Settings Link to Local Site Directory Settings page. e978b1a6-8de7-49d0-8600-09a250354e14 Site
    Library and Folder Based Retention 063c26fa-3ccc-4180-8a84-b6f98e991df3 Site
    Manage Profile Service Application c59dbaa9-fa01-495d-aaa3-3c02cc2ee8ff Farm
    SharePoint Portal Server Master Site Directory Capture Control 8a663fe0-9d9c-45c7-8297-66365ad50427 Farm
    Metadata Navigation and Filtering 7201d6a4-a5d3-49a1-8c19-19c4bac6e668 Web
    $Resources:xlsrv 5a020a4f-c449-4a65-b07d-f2cc2d8778dd Farm
    Excel Mobile Viewer Feature e995e28b-9ba8-4668-9933-cf5c146d7a9f Site
    Mobility Shortcut URL f41cc668-37e5-4743-b4a8-74d1db3fd8a4 Web
    Chart Web Part 875d1044-c0cf-4244-8865-d2a0039c2a49 Site
    Meetings Workspaces Web Parts 39dd29fb-b6f5-4697-b526-4d38de4893e5 Web
    My Site 69cc9662-d373-47fc-9449-f18d11ff732c Farm
    My Site Blogs 863da2ac-3873-4930-8498-752886210911 Site
    My Site Cleanup Feature 0faf7d1b-95b1-4053-b4e2-19fd5c9bbc88 Farm
    My Site Host 49571cd1-b6a1-43a3-bf75-955acc79c8d8 Site
    Shared Picture Library for Organizations logos 5ede0a86-c772-4f1d-a120-72e734b3400c Web
    My Site Layouts Feature 6928b0e5-5707-46a1-ae16-d6e52522d52b Site
    My Site Navigation 6adff05c-d581-4c05-a6b9-920f15ec6fd9 Web
    My Site Personal Site Configuration f661430e-c155-438e-a7c6-c68648f1b119 Site
    My Site Layouts Feature 034947cc-c424-47cd-a8d1-6014f0e36925 Web
    Portal Navigation 89e0306d-453b-4ec5-8d68-42067cdbf98e Site
    Portal Navigation Properties 541f5f57-c847-4e16-b59a-b31e90e6f9ea Web
    No-code Workflow Libraries 00bfea71-f600-43f6-a895-40c0de7b0117 Web
    BDC Profile Pages Feature 683df0c0-20b7-4852-87a3-378945158fab Web
    BDC Profile Pages Tenant Stapling Feature 90c6c1e5-3719-4c52-9f36-34a97df596f7 Farm
    Offline Synchronization for External Lists d250636f-0a26-4019-8425-a5232d592c01 Web
    Offline Synchronization for External Lists f9cb1a2a-d285-465a-a160-7e3e95af1fdd Farm
    Microsoft Office Server workflows c9c9515d-e4e2-4001-9050-74f980f93160 Site
    Open documents in client applications 8a4b8de2-6fd8-41e9-923c-c7c3c00f8295 Site
    Organizations Claim Hierarchy Provider 9b0293a7-8942-46b0-8b78-49d29a9edd53 Farm
    Office Server Site Search bc29e863-ae07-4674-bd83-2c6d0aa5623f WebApplication
    Search Central Admin Links c922c106-7d0a-4377-a668-7f13d52cb80f Farm
    Office Server Enterprise Search 4750c984-7721-4feb-be61-c660c6190d43 WebApplication
    $Resources:HealthReportsFeatureTitle; e792e296-5d7f-47c7-9dfa-52eae2104c3b Site
    Health Reports Pushdown Feature 09fe98f3-3324-4747-97e5-916a28a0c6c0 Farm
    Search Admin Portal Links and Navbar edf48246-e4ee-4638-9eed-ef3d0aee7597 Farm
    Shared Services Administration Links 068f8656-bea6-4d60-a5fa-7f077f8f5c20 Web
    Shared Services Navigation 10bdac29-a21a-47d9-9dff-90c7cae1301e Web
    Search Center URL 7acfcb9d-8e8f-4979-af7e-8aed7e95245e Web
    Site collection level Search Center Url Feature 7ac8cc56-d28e-41f5-ad04-d95109eb987a Site
    Document to Page Converters 14173c38-5e2d-4887-8134-60f9df889bad WebApplication
    Personalization Site ed5e77f7-c7b1-4961-a659-0de93080fa36 Web
    Picture Libraries 00bfea71-52d4-45b3-b544-b1c71b620109 Web
    Portal Layouts Feature 5f3b0127-2f1d-4cfd-8dd2-85ad1fb00bfc Site
    PerformancePoint Data Source Library Template 5d220570-df17-405e-b42d-994237d60ebf Web
    PerformancePoint Datasource Content Type definition 05891451-f0c4-4d4e-81b1-0dabd840bad4 Site
    PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features a1cb5b7f-e5e9-421b-915f-bf519b0760ef Site
    PerformancePoint Services Site Features 0b07a7f4-8bb8-4ec0-a31b-115732b9584d Web
    PPS Site Stapling 8472208f-5a01-4683-8119-3cea50bea072 Farm
    PerformancePoint Monitoring ee9dbf20-1758-401e-a169-7db0a6bbccb2 Site
    PerformancePoint Content Type Definition f45834c7-54f6-48db-b7e4-a35fa470fc9b Site
    PerformancePoint Content List 481333e1-a246-4d89-afab-d18c6fe344ce Web
    SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features 8581a8a7-cf16-4770-ac54-260265ddb0b2 Site
    Premium Site Features Stapling a573867a-37ca-49dc-86b0-7d033a7ed2c8 Farm
    SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features 0806d127-06e6-447a-980e-2e90b03101b8 Web
    SharePoint Server Enterprise Web application features 0ea1c3b6-6ac0-44aa-9f3f-05e8dbe6d70b WebApplication
    Profile Synchronization Feature af847aa9-beb6-41d4-8306-78e41af9ce25 Farm
    Publishing 22a9ef51-737b-4ff2-9346-694633fe4416 Web
    Page Layouts and Master Pages Pack d3f51be2-38a8-4e44-ba84-940d35be1566 Site
    Publishing Prerequisites a392da98-270b-4e85-9769-04c0fde267aa Site
    Publishing Resources aebc918d-b20f-4a11-a1db-9ed84d79c87e Site
    SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure f6924d36-2fa8-4f0b-b16d-06b7250180fa Site
    Publishing Features Stapling 001f4bd7-746d-403b-aa09-a6cc43de7942 Farm
    Publishing Timer Jobs 20477d83-8bdb-414e-964b-080637f7d99b WebApplication
    SharePoint Server Publishing 94c94ca6-b32f-4da9-a9e3-1f3d343d7ecb Web
    Ratings 915c240e-a6cc-49b8-8b2c-0bff8b553ed3 Site
    Record Resources 5bccb9a4-b903-4fd1-8620-b795fa33c9ba Site
    Records Center Configuration e0a45587-1069-46bd-bf05-8c8db8620b08 Web
    Records Management 6d127338-5e7d-4391-8f62-a11e43b1d404 Farm
    SharePoint Portal Server Redirect Page Content Type Binding Feature 306936fd-9806-4478-80d1-7e397bfa6474 Web
    Related Links scope settings page e8734bb6-be8e-48a1-b036-5a40ff0b8a81 Web
    Report Center Sample Data c5d947d6-b0a2-4e07-9929-8e54f5a9fff9 Web
    Reporting 7094bd89-2cfe-490a-8c7e-fbace37b4a34 Site
    SharePoint Portal Server Report Library 2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a Web
    Publishing Approval Workflow a44d2aa3-affc-4d58-8db4-f4a3af053188 Site
    Publishing Workflow - SharePoint 2010 (en-US) 19f5f68e-1b92-4a02-b04d-61810ead0409 Site
    Routing Workflows 02464c6a-9d07-4f30-ba04-e9035cf54392 Site
    Routing Workflows - SharePoint 2010 b5934f65-a844-4e67-82e5-92f66aafe912 Site
    Routing Workflows - SharePoint 2010 (en-US) 3bc0c1e1-b7d5-4e82-afd7-9f7e59b60409 Site
    Schedule and Reservations List 636287a7-7f62-4a6e-9fcc-081f4672cbf8 Web
    Microsoft Search Administration Web Parts c65861fa-b025-4634-ab26-22a23e49808f Web
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    $Resources:SearchServerWizard_Feature_Title; e09cefae-2ada-4a1d-aee6-8a8398215905 Site
    Search Server Web Parts eaf6a128-0482-4f71-9a2f-b1c650680e77 Site
    Shared Services Infrastructure f324259d-393d-4305-aa48-36e8d9a7a0d6 Farm
    Collect Signatures Workflow 6c09612b-46af-4b2f-8dfc-59185c962a29 Site
    Collect Signatures Workflow - SharePoint 2010 c4773de6-ba70-4583-b751-2a7b1dc67e3a Site
    Collect Signatures Workflow - SharePoint 2010 (en-US) a42f749f-8633-48b7-9b22-403b40190409 Site
    Custom Site Collection Help 57ff23fc-ec05-4dd8-b7ed-d93faa7c795d Site
    Standard Site Settings Links fead7313-4b9e-4632-80a2-98a2a2d83297 Farm
    Sites List creation feature a311bf68-c990-4da3-89b3-88989a3d7721 Web
    Sku Upgrade Links 937f97e9-d7b4-473d-af17-b03951b2c66b Farm
    Slide Library 0be49fe9-9bc9-409d-abf9-702753bd878d Web
    Slide Library Activation 65d96c6b-649a-4169-bf1d-b96505c60375 Farm
    Social Tags and Note Board Ribbon Controls 756d8a58-4e24-4288-b981-65dc93f9c4e5 Farm
    Spell Checking 612d671e-f53d-4701-96da-c3a4ee00fdc5 Farm
    Portal DiscoPage Feature 713a65a1-2bc7-4e62-9446-1d0b56a8bf7f Farm
    Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Search feature 2ac1da39-c101-475c-8601-122bc36e3d67 WebApplication
    User Profile Administration Links c43a587e-195b-4d29-aba8-ebb22b48eb1a Farm
    Secure Store Service Admin 35f680d4-b0de-4818-8373-ee0fca092526 Web
    Office Workflows ee21b29b-b0d0-42c6-baff-c97fd91786e6 Farm
    Surveys Lists 00bfea71-eb8a-40b1-80c7-506be7590102 Web
    Tasks Lists 00bfea71-a83e-497e-9ba0-7a5c597d0107 Web
    Taxonomy feature stapler 415780bf-f710-4e2c-b7b0-b463c7992ef0 Farm
    Register taxonomy site wide field added event receiver 73ef14b1-13a9-416b-a9b5-ececa2b0604c Site
    Taxonomy Tenant Administration 7d12c4c3-2321-42e8-8fb6-5295a849ed08 Web
    Taxonomy Tenant Administration Stapler 8fb893d6-93ee-4763-a046-54f9e640368d Farm
    Create the taxonomy timer jobs 48ac883d-e32e-4fd6-8499-3408add91b53 WebApplication
    Team Collaboration Lists 00bfea71-4ea5-48d4-a4ad-7ea5c011abe5 Web
    Connect to Office Ribbon Controls ff48f7e6-2fa1-428d-9a15-ab154762043d Farm
    Tenant Business Data Connectivity Administration 0a0b2e8f-e48e-4367-923b-33bb86c1b398 Web
    Tenant Business Data Connectivity Administration Stapling b5d169c9-12db-4084-b68d-eef9273bd898 Farm
    Tenant Administration Content Deployment Configuration 99f380b4-e1aa-4db0-92a4-32b15e35b317 Web
    Tenant Administration Links 98311581-29c5-40e8-9347-bd5732f0cb3e Web
    $Resources:obacore b738400a-f08a-443d-96fa-a852d0356bba Web
    Secure Store Service Stapling Feature 6361e2a8-3bc4-4ca4-abbb-3dfbb727acd7 Farm
    Tenant User Profile Application 32ff5455-8967-469a-b486-f8eaf0d902f9 Web
    Tenant User Profile Application Stapling 3d4ea296-0b35-4a08-b2bf-f0a8cabd1d7f Farm
    Time Card List d5191a77-fa2d-4801-9baf-9f4205c9e9d2 Web
    Translation Management Workflow c6561405-ea03-40a9-a57f-f25472942a22 Site
    Translation Management Library 82e2ea42-39e2-4b27-8631-ed54c1cfc491 Farm
    Translation Management Library 29d85c25-170c-4df9-a641-12db0b9d4130 Web
    $Resources:UpgradeOnlyFile_Feature_Title; 2fa4db13-4109-4a1d-b47c-c7991d4cc934 Web
    Shared Service Provider User Migrator f0deabbb-b0f6-46ba-8e16-ff3b44461aeb Farm
    V2V Published Links Upgrade f63b7696-9afc-4e51-9dfd-3111015e9a60 Site
    V2V Publishing Layouts Upgrade 2fbbe552-72ac-11dc-8314-0800200c9a66 Site
    Restrict Limited Access Permissions 7c637b23-06c4-472d-9a9a-7c175762c5c4 Site
    Visio Process Repository 7e0aabee-b92b-4368-8742-21ab16453d01 Web
    Visio Process Repository 7e0aabee-b92b-4368-8742-21ab16453d00 Farm
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    Visio Web Access 5fe8e789-d1b7-44b3-b634-419c531cfdca Farm
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    Advanced Web Analytics c04234f4-13b8-4462-9108-b4f5159beae6 Site
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